Yoochun apologizes to his fans for his behavior and wishes to return

Sarah Lee, July 17, 2017, 3:39 p.m.

JYJ's member Yoochun spoke up for the first time since his sexual assault controversy and his marriage news. On July 17, Yoochun posted on his Instagram and apologized to his fans. He said he can't say anything else but to just say that he is very sorrry. He just didn't know how because he didn't have any confidence.

He continued by saying that he want to die because he felt so sorry to everyone, and he can't compare his pain that he is going through with the pain he gave it to his fans. He also shared that he wants to start over again and said many articles that went viral weren't true.

He ended by saying that he is also sorry about sharing his marriage news so late, he wanted to shared that news after he apologizes to his fans and hoping that fans will give encouragement for him and Hana (Yoochun's fiance)

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