[Writer's Choice] Get The Look: TWICE Sana

Sarah Lee, June 13, 2018, 11:32 a.m.

Sana from the ever-so-popular girl group Twice has an adorable style to match her cute personality! Take a look below to find out how to recreate some of her stylish looks at an affordable price! She has some serious schoolgirl chic vibes going that will be perfect for any day of the week!

1. Pop of Pink! 

Pink Blazer - $34.90

Skater Skirt - $5.90

Shoes - $41.08

2. Monochrome Day 

A simple, monochromatic look that will make it seem like you put effort into looking nice today, but in reality you really didn’t.

Collared Blouse - $20.59

Fringed Denim Skirt - $19.10

Shoes - $12.90

3. Throwback to Middle School 

Remember the good ol’ days when you had to wear uniforms in elementary school? Well, if you want to reminisce about those times, here is the perfect look for you! If you wore this in middle school, you would be at the receiving end of several envious eyes.

Black Contrast Sweater - $24.60

Plaid Skirt - $23.12

Black Bucket Bag - $16.03

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