[Writer's Choice] 7 Reasons Why You Should Stan BTS' Jin

Amy Jung, Nov. 15, 2017, 6:09 p.m.

Oh? You wanna know more about BTS? Especially the third guy from the left in that BBMAs photo? Then continue reading!

Kim Seokjin is the eldest member of BTS. He is a vocalist and the main visual of the group. We've compiled a list of 7 reasons why you should stan Jin. 

1. Car Door Guy/Worldwide Handsome/Third Guy From The Left

At the 2015 Melon Music Awards, Jin stunned everyone when he stepped out of the car. Korean viewers who had no idea who he was started trending "#CarDoorGuy" on Twitter. 

At the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Jin stunned everyone again with his visuals and the phrase "Third Guy From the Left" began trending on Twitter. When he was told this in a later interview, he responded by saying he's "Worldwide Handsome." 

(Look at all the nicknames you can call him by! So I don't understand why people are still using "eomma" and "princess"??? He even states that he prefers to be called "Worldwide Handsome.")

2. EatJin/cooking blog

Jin really loves food and he used to share that love on his cooking blog. The blog posts weren't really about showcasing his cooking skills and more about showcasing his humor. 

Now, Bangtan Bombs and "V Live" broadcasts called "EatJin" showcase his love of food. His mukbang series are usually filled with him filling his mouth with food so his cheeks resemble a quokka's and his dad jokes. 

3. His Laugh

He's been described to have a "windshield wiper" laugh. He even tests it out to see if it does sound like the squeaky noise from wiping windows in one of the best "V Live" broadcasts the group has ever done. 

4. His shoulders are as wide as the Pacific Ocean

He's known to have incredibly wide shoulders that he has to wear a larger size because they can better accommodate his shoulders (he has a tiny waist). In an episode of "Run! BTS", he jokes that his shoulders are at least 60 cm and a fan calculated that they are actually wider than 60 cm. 

5. Dad Jokes

Who doesn't love puns?

6. Heart Events/Blows kisses like it's second nature/Love for ARMY

During the Wings Tour, Jin prepared a heart event for each concert. Sometimes he would hide the hearts inside the other members' clothes. His heart event quickly became an anticipated segment at every concert. His hearts represents the love he has for ARMYs and it's always a delight to see just what he has planned. 

He also loves blowing kisses to ARMYs. It's his signature.

7. His vocals

When he was scouted by Big Hit, he barely had any vocal training, and even when the group made their debut, fans were quick to point out Jin's shaky vocals and justified his lack of lines. He himself isn't confident with his skills (his lack of confidence is evident in his solo song "Awake") but he works incredibly hard. And now he's being recognized for his beautiful vocals as he has a timbre that isn't commonly found in K-Pop. 

(I shed tears when I saw him perform this live.)

Even though he's the eldest, he interacts with the other members in a way that RM won't feel awkward as a leader who is younger than him. Occasionally, the other members have said that he's playful to the point that he's probably the true maknae of the group. The members have also said that Jin knows when he has to step in as the eldest and helped Jungkook a lot in the beginning as Jungkook was shy and away from home. He's an irreplaceable member and he doesn't hesitate to show his gratitude to those who've helped him along the way!

What do you love about Jin? Tell us in the comments below!

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