Wanna One speculated to comeback in November

Cari Pak, Sept. 13, 2017, 10:37 a.m.

On September 13 an exclusive report claimed that the members of Wanna One are busy preparing for new music. The report also included that Wanna One have confirmed their comeback with a repackaged album for the 3rd week of November. Supposedly, Wanna One's repackaged version of ‘1x1=1 (To Be One)’ will have 2-3 new songs, with the group's comeback title track already decided.

If the report is confirmed to be true, Wanna One will have to prepare for their November comeback amidst countless domestic and overseas schedules all throughout October. Reports also speculate that if Wanna One make a comeback with a repackaged album, the group will likely become ‘Debut Million Sellers’ with ‘1x1=1 (To Be One)’.

Are you ready excited to have a Wanna One comeback in November?? 

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