TWICE's Momo trends worldwide on Twitter for her new look + surpasses '#AppleEvent'

Jun Ko, Sept. 11, 2019, 12:33 p.m.

TWICE's Momo trended worldwide after JYP Entertainment released her individual comeback teaser for 'Feel Special'. Fans of TWICE were stunned by the teaser in ways more than one with how Momo showed up without bangs, making it the first time she had gone without bangs since her debut. With Momo showing her forehead for the first time, fans showed their excitement at her new look by making her a worldwide trend on Twitter. 

With ONCE and other K-Pop fans tweeting excitedly about Momo's new look, '#Momo' quickly reached #1 in worldwide trends, even beating out Apple's event. 

With the sudden rise of '#Momo', it gathered the attention of those outside of the K-Pop circle, sparking tweets from business tycoon Jack Phan and more! 

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