TWICE V Live Ends Abruptly After Fan Follows Their Van

Jay Yim, Nov. 18, 2019, 12:13 p.m.

On November 17, TWICE had to abruptly end their V Live stream after they noticed that a fan was tailing and knocking on their van.

A user on Twitter shared the video clip of the V Live moment with the caption "Please respect TWICE's privacy." The V Live was streamed right after the girls finished a show and were on their way home.

In the clip, you can hear one of the members say, "He/She followed," which Momo replied with "Really?" and the other members say, "Because we turned the lights on." Momo replies, "Oh because the lights were on... Let's call it a day." Dahyun then tells viewers, "I think we have to go now" with Momo urging fans "Bye~ Please don't follow us."

Watch the clip of the incident down below.

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