(Update) *Evidence Revealed* TS Entertainment releases official statement after TRCNG's Wooyeop and Taeseon sue for child abuse!

Jane Lee , Nov. 19, 2019, 1:52 p.m.

On November 19 KST, TS Entertainment released an official statement announcing the departure of TRCNG's Taeseon and Wooyeop. Just a few days ago, Wooyeop and Taeseon filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment for child abuse and aggressive violence. The former members' lawyer revealed, "On the 4th, Wooyeop and Taeseon sent a cancellation of contract to TS Entertainment. They have also submitted a report to the Seoul Police District against the board of director member Park Sang Hyun and two others against frequent child abuse and special violence.

It was revealed that while being under the label, the members underwent harsh conditions such as, lack of management, child abuse, and more. 

TS Entertainment has denied all claims and will allegedly take action against Wooyeop and Taeseon. Their official statement reads as: 

"Hello. This is TS Entertainment. We are releasing an official statement regarding the future of TRCNG's activities. After a long discussion with the members, TRCNG, moving forward, will be active as an eight-member group without Taeseon and Wooyeop. Please continue to give your love and interest to TRCNG. Thank you."

*UPDATE: Wooyeop and Taeseon has worked with Dispatch to reveal evidence of the abuse by TS Entertainment. Below are the following claims/evidence that reveal the company's abuse and mistreatment of TRCNG members.

Claim 1: TRCNG had poor living conditions

The eight of the members lived in 2 rooms on the 1st floor of a duplex apartment in Hannam-dong, while two other members lived in an attic-type room on the 2nd floor. Both former members stated that the living space was extremely cramped. "The 2nd floor is just a storage room. The ceiling is low, so you can't stand up all the way. It's not heated well either. We had to live in clutter around our belongings, clothes, and equipment." 

Furthermore, the apartment was reported to be old and not well-maintained, with the floor being damaged from water leakage.

Claim 2: Electricity and Water bills remained unpaid

Often, the electricity and water would be cut off because the company did not pay the bills. This is what Wooyeop said about the situation: "In January of 2018, our boiler was shut off. Four to five of our members caught a severe flu, so we washed and slept at the sauna instead. That was when we were promoting our 2nd album, but we went through it and performed on stage. When we went to the hospital, we had to pay for it ourselves."

The company only paid the bills when the electricity company sent a final notice, which Taeseon forwarded to the label.

Claim 3: Broken appliances and lack of basic needs

The dorms of TRCNG had broken lighting, and on January 7 of this year, the lights in their laundry room and kitchen broke as well, while other lighting broke on the 15th and 21st. The manager would continually forget to attend to the lights, and when asked, the manager would simply laugh about it and put it off for another day. However, til this day, the lights are allegedly still broken.

Futhermore, one of their toilets needed repairs which forced all ten members to share the other one toilet in the dorms. Eventually, that toilet would require repairs. Wooyeop and Taeseon revealed this occurred in December of 2017, January of 2018, and February of 2019. Even though the members asked the company to call a plumber, they ignored the request. Eventually, Wooyeop's mother had to call for plumbing services herself.

Other members' mothers stepped in to help as well, taking their own time and money to replace water dispensers and air conditioners because the label refused to do so themselves. The mothers tried to get in touch with the agency, but they never received a response.

Lastly, the members had to buy their own clothes and food, which usually came from convenience stores. The agency only provided meals if they practiced late at night, but even then, they were usually given fried rice.

Claim 4: Member were physically abused and assaulted by staff members

Wooyeop and Taeson revealed that the members were physically assaulted by staff, even when they were underage. Chat logs revealed that a manager berated and cursed at the TRCNG members for starting a live broadcast before he arrived even though he previously said that they only needed to send a text message.

Futher chat logs revealed that staff members would get drunk and curse at the members. One staff member even asked an underage TRCNG to come to an illegal entertainment bar, where prositution is common.

The former members revealed photos of one of the members being hit in the neck by a toothbrush, which the staff member said was just a punishment for losing a game they played. Wooyeop added that he was hit with a metal chair one time, leaving severe bruises. He said he had proof of medical documents and members as witnesses.

The members had created a chat room talking about their assault despite the director of the label denying doing so ever.

Claim 5: TRCNG members and dance team members were used as laborers for agency executive's Nike Air Jordans collecting hobby

Images were revealed by both boys, showing the members and dance team members organizing, posting, packaging, and selling the shoes online. "He would call the members to the practice room and make us research the shoes. We would search on internet forums for Nike fans. We would make post-its and put it on the boxes, and the dance team would make the internet posts," the two former members said.

The members revealed that they had racked up millions of Won of debt to their agency. The label allegedly spent 1.643 billion Won ($1.4 million USD) on the group from January 2011 to January 2018 although TRCNG debuted in 2017. Since their debut, the group made a reported 269 million Won ($230,000), but now they owe the company $1.2 million.

The exclusive contract for TRCNG gives the label 90 percent of all of the group's profits, while each member only receives 1%.

Stay tuned for more updates on this situation.

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