The greatest encouragement for BTS' V is his members being by his side

Jun Ko, May 4, 2018, 4:08 p.m.

In the seventh episode of BTS' Youtube Red reality show 'Burn The Stage', V opened up about the stress he had gained from his acting debut. Being the first member in their group to act, he suffered unbearable pressure during his KBS2 drama 'Hwarang'. Dealing with a heavy load of pressure, he broke down in tears when he took his concerns to Jimin. With V being the type of person who doesn't show his stress, Jimin ended up alarmed by his breakdown and shared it with the other members. In their group discussion, the other members of BTS told V: "We can't help you but we can be a huge encouragement to you." V ended up finding a great deal of comfort in how his fellow members will always be by his side, even if they might not be able to help him in his troubles. It ended up being the greatest encouragement to him. He realized that he didn't have to struggle and overcome difficulties on his own because he had his members by his side. He shared, "I realized this is what it means to have members." 

Check out the seventh episode of BTS' 'Burn The Stage'!

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