Taeyang reliving the joy he had in music and dance in 'Livin' the Double Life'

Jun Ko, Dec. 7, 2017, 4:01 p.m.

Taeyang from Big Bang was able to relive the joy he felt in dancing without the weight of stardom on his shoulders in the recent episode of 'Livin' the Double Life'. During his stroll in the streets of Busan with YG producer Kush and other YG staff members, they ended up coming across a street dance battle. With Taeyang's penchant for dance, the others encouraged Taeyang to go and join them in the battle. Despite the slight reservation he had, he was able to get into the beat of the song and amazed all those watching with his dance. With the fact that he had his mask covered while dancing, he stated afterwards in an interview that, "Honestly, a lot of thoughts ran through my mind after then. I was able to relive the feelings that I had before debut where I enjoyed music and dance without minding who I am." 

Check out Taeyang's dance in the clip below! 

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