Super Junior wishes to have a 13-member reunion!

Yumi Kim , March 14, 2018, 10:24 a.m.

Super Junior recently held an interview where they were able to share many thoughts. Members Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Donghae sat down in a café expressing their desires about the group as a whole. Super Junior is currently promoting as 6 members even though there is fully 11 members in the group. Leeteuk stated, "In front of the TV in my house, there's a photo of the 13-member Super Junior. I watched the H.O.T special on 'Infinity Challenge' recently, and that photo kept coming in view. I am wondering if we'll be able to have a reunion stage with the 13 members some time in the future. We were 13 members when we sang 'Sorry, Sorry' in 2009."

The interviewer asked when it was the last time that all 11 members of Super Junior got together, Leeteuk answered, "In my memory, it was at a Chinese restaurant right before I went to enlist in the military. That was 2012 (Laughter)”.

Leeteuk also added that there might be a possibility for all 11 members to come together on stage in 2019 when Kyuhyun is discharged from the military. Eunhyuk then stated, "Even outside of promotions, I think it will have to be next year before the 11 of us can get together privately, too." 

In related news, Super Junior will be releasing their repackaged album next month!

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