Song Joong Ki rejects offer for Netflix drama 'Kingdom'

Cari Pak, Sept. 13, 2017, 10:57 a.m.

Song Joong Ki has turned down the lead role for ‘Kingdom.’ Written by Kim Eun Hee who wrote ‘Signal’ and directed by Kim Sung Hoon of movie ‘Tunnel’, ‘Kingdom’ will be an 8-episode series that will be on Netflix in 2018. Erik Barmack, VP of International Original Content, said, “When I saw Kingdom’s scenario for the first time, which combines a historical drama's visual beauty and a supernatural fantasy, it made my imagination fire up.”

‘Kingdom’ will add a zombie aspect to the traditional Korean historical drama, where a prince of Joseon uncovers a secret that could threaten the entire country when he investigates an epidemic. Since Song Joong Ki has turned down the role, other actors have been approached but so far no one has been confirmed. With ‘Kingdom’ scheduled to start filming in October, the drama will have to find a lead soon.

Who do you want the lead role to go to?

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