For the Second Time, Andy from Shinhwa to Appear on ‘Star Couples’

TB, Sept. 10, 2013, 6:37 a.m.

Trying it once again, Shinhwa’s Andy will be appearing on the Chuseok special of SBS’ Star Couples (Jjak).

On January of 2012, Andy has appeared on the show Star Couples (jjak) for the Lunar New Year Special episode.

For second time, Andy will appear on SBS Star Couples (jjak) with full cast including Lee Ji Hoon, Son Jin Young, Janf Dong Hyuk, Jo Jung Shik, Jewelry’s Ye Won, Nam Kyung Min, Sa Hee, Choi Eun Joo and No Hee Ji

Show “jjak” known as Couples are about 10 contestants, which are five men and five women will go to designated location and will spend one week together.  On last day they will choose who they like and feeling are mutual new couple is created. 

Photo Credit: Shinhwa Company

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