Seungri gives a status update on his fellow Big Bang members

Jun Ko, May 17, 2018, 9:53 a.m.

With four-fifths of Big Bang currently carrying out their mandatory military service, there's no doubt that fans are curious on their status. Big Bang's Seungri gave a small update on the status of his members when he attended the 'Blue Spring Festival' as the guest speaker. He started off first by stating that all the members are currently doing well in their military service. 

He then mentioned that he had been recently contacted by Taeyang: "I recently talked to Taeyang hyung on the phone. He was able to make a phonecall because he did well in training. He only had five minutes for the call, but he called me. I immediately asked, 'Hyung! Why are you calling me and not your wife?'" Fans gave a positive response when he continued on by stating that Taeyang did so because he missed him. 

On G-Dragon, he commented, "GD hyung, the person I was most worried about, is also doing really well. He also healthily put on some weight." 

For Daesung, he stated that he had nothing to share about him because he was doing too well in the military. 

Lastly, he shared that TOP was also doing well in his service. 

Check out Seungri giving status updates of his members below!

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