Seungri did not fully cooperate with the investigation as he refused to turn in his phone + Jung Joon Young hands in a new phone!

Yumi Kim , March 14, 2019, 4:19 p.m.

On March 14, it was reported that Seungri and Jung Joon Young attended police questioning for their allegations being made. The singers made a public apology and promised to cooperate with all investigations. However, it was revealed by Korean police that they had trouble obtaining the singers cell phones which is the major evidence in the investigation. 

According to media news Chosun, Seungri did not fully cooperate as he refused to hand in his phone. They also mentioned that Jung Joon Young gave them a new phone that was active for 2 weeks. Jung Joon Young stated, "I switched to a new phone 2 weeks ago."

Upon hearing the news many fans were outraged. They commented, "What happened to cooperating in the investigation with honesty?" "A new phone of 2 weeks? Are you serious? He must be enjoying the situation. What a psychopath," "The police just can't sit and wait for them to turn it in! They have to confiscate it from them," "I thought he had multiple phones and out of all, he hands in the new one. Wow."

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