Ryeowook Looks Forward to Kyunhyun's Return & Super Junior's Eventual Full Member Comeback

BanSeok Shin, Dec. 6, 2018, 9:53 a.m.

Super Junior's Ryeowook, in order to promote his new upcoming mini-album, 'Drunk On Love', recently had an interview,  in where he talked about communicating with the other members during his mandatory military service and also expressing how he looking forward to when Super Junior can once again release songs as a whole group. Ryeowook told the interviewer that, when he was in the military, he would write letters to his fellow groupmates even though writting letters was uncommon for men their age. He also said that he recently sent and received letters with Kyuhyun who is still in the military.

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After beinig asked about Super Junior's full group comeback Ryeowook expressed his hope and anticipation for a comeback as the group did a great job of releasing albums and doing promotions despite members being missing at one point or another. He also noted that once all the group members have completed their mandatory service they will be able to put their focus on music once again. Super Junior has indeed done an impressive job of releasing albums and doing promotions even with members in the military and with the prospect of a full group comeback coming in the future, fans and the K-Pop world have a lot to look forward to when that time comes around.

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