ROK Military Gives Update on Status of Seungri’s Enlistment

BanSeok Shin, May 16, 2019, 11:40 a.m.

The South Korean Military Manpower Administration (MMA) has provided an update on Seungri’s enlistment status. Earlier in the investigation of Seungri for his role in the ‘Burning Sun’ controversy, concerns arose about Seungri’s enlistment as to what actions the military would take in response to the controversy. The military previously stated that it would work with the police to determine what course of action to take depending on the results of the investigation.


On May 16th (KST), a representative from the MMA stated, “Seungri is not required to enlist before Jun 25th. His enlistment has been postponed until June 25th, and the Military Manpower Administration will send Seungri another draft notice once that date passes. Requesting a postponement is entirely up to the individual. When Seungri receives his new draft notice, he must decide whether or not he wants to postpone again.”

The representative also stated, “It’s hard to make a connection between the possibility of Seungri being forwarded to prosecution and his enlistment. Unless it’s a situation where the law prohibits enlistment, such as detainment, it will not affect his enlistment at all.”

It appears that until Seungri is found guilty of a crime requiring a prison sentence he will be required to carry out his mandatory military service. How do you think the Korean military should handle Seungri’s enlistment? What should they do if he’s found guilty of a crime? Innocent?

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