Rapper Sleepy reveals bromance relationship with BTS' Jin!

Yumi Kim , Feb. 11, 2019, 11:45 a.m.

Korean rapper Sleepy shared some text messages with BTS' Jin that revealed their cute bromance. Although BTS' Jin was attending the Grammy's in Los Angeles, California, he did not hesitate and show concern for fellow friend Sleepy. 

On February 11, Sleepy updated his Instagram story with the conversation he had with BTS' Jin. The message read, "Be careful with your body, hyung," with two different crying emoticons. Sleepy was touched with Jin's message that he wrote, "He went to the Grammy's, and he's concerned about me."He then added a playful hashtag, reading "#mylittlebrother." 

Sleepy and Jin met when they appeared together on SBS variety show 'Law of the Jungle' in 2017. 

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