Puppy Thrown to Its Death By Owner Who Wanted a Refund

BanSeok Shin, Feb. 12, 2019, 10:12 a.m.

A tragic scene of animal cruelty has been reported as a 3-month old Maltese has died after being thrown by its angry owner. The puppy's owner, the woman in the woman in the picture below,  had bought the puppy from a pet shop in Gangnueng, a city is South Koreas Gangwon Province. However, after seeing the dog eat its own bodily waste she thought that the owner of the pet shop had scammed her and requested a refund via phone-call. After the owner denied her request for a refund the woman went, along with her husband and the puppy, to ask for a refund in person. After the pet shop owner rejected her again the woman took the puppy out of the carrying case it was in and overhand throws it over the counter with considerable force. The puppy died from its injuries.

After the incident the woman had a phone interview with Yonhap News stating that she threw the puppy out of anger when she didn't get her refund, but she didn't know it would die from being thrown. She also said that the day afterwards she 'calmed down' and apologized to the owner and puppy via a long text message. She was 'shocked' to find out the puppy had died and expressed regret for her actions acknowledging her right to be criticized and went on further by saying that she will 'reflect on what she did for the remainder of her life and will volunteer at dog shelters.' The security video of the incident can be seen below. [Disclaimer: The following video may be found by some to be disturbing or graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.]

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