Park Geun Hye's Trial Is Set To Resume Next Week

Michelle Cho, Nov. 21, 2017, 9:41 a.m.

The trial of ex-President Park Geun-hye will resume next Monday now that a new team of court-appointed lawyers have had time to get on top of the mountain of evidence against her. The trial was halted on Oct. 16 when her lawyers resigned en masse in protest at the court’s decision to extend Park's detention beyond the six-month limit.

The Seoul Central District Court said Monday that the trial will resume with CJ chairman Sohn Kyung-shik and former Cheogn Wa Dae secretary Cho Won-dong taking the witness stand.

They will be questioned about Park's alleged attempts to force CJ vice chairwoman Lee Mi-kyung to step down as punishment for the media and food giant's funding of movies that Park considered hostile.

Park has been assigned a new team of five court-appointed lawyers, who were given a few weeks to familiarize themselves with the thousands of pages of documents.

Park is expected to try and stall further since her defense has so far had no other discernible strategy in the face of massive evidence against her.

When her detention was extended on fresh charges, Park said, "I've come to conclusion that it's meaningless to believe that the court will handle the case only in accordance with the constitution and conscience."

She has refused to meet her new legal team, but since she is on remand she can either be compelled to attend court or be tried in absentia. 

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