[OP-ED] Korean Indie Rock

Yubania Salcedo , Sept. 14, 2018, 4:15 p.m.

There is so much more to Korea than K-POP, don’t get me wrong, I truly like K-POP but I have a deeper love and connection for Korean Indie music. I feel like Korean Indie music is so underrated but it’s a total gem in the eyes of music lovers like me. It is just hard for bands to get the recognition they deserve because it’s quite difficult to soar when they are running up against big groups such as BTS, Got7, EXO, and Big Bang. These Korean Indie bands make such beautiful songs. I sometimes do not understand the lyrics but I can genuinely feel the emotions feelings in the songs. I have compiled some of the best indie songs to let you appreciate the richness of Korean indie music.  

ZITTEN- Star, Moon, Night

NELL- Green Nocturne

South Club- Hug Me

Gucckasten- Mirror

Drug Restaurant- Mistake

Every Single Day- Sunset

Lee Min Ki- Eternal Summer

The Pony- The Other Room

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