[OP-ED] Korean Dramas On Netflix

Matt Maraia, Jan. 20, 2017, 1:51 p.m.

Korean dramas flourished on Netflix in 2016, so to start 2017 off right, here’s a quick list of the most binge-worthy K-Dramas that are currently streaming.

Hello, My Twenties (Age of Youth)

A super cute show about a girl who moves into a house with three other girls who all attend the same school. She’s picked on in the beginning but soon all the girls start to get along and get into all kinds of hijinks. Another one of my favorites on the list.

Love Rain

This series follows a romance through time and generations. In the beginning our leads fall in love but the timing prevents the two from coming together. Fast forward to present day, their kids find themselves falling for each other.

Heartless City

Definitely my personal favorite on the list. It’s a very dynamic series which crosses multiple genres. The show follows Jung Kyung Ho’s character who is runs gang and finds himself in numerous suspenseful situations throughout the series.  

Boys Over Flowers

A classic “un-cool” girl who dislikes the popular boy and then falls for him. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before but the characters are likeable and it’s a fun watch.

Descendants of the Sun

A great military based romance about a soldier and surgeon. The characters a well-developed, the lead’s chemistry is amazing, one of my favorite recent dramas to surface over the last few years.

My Runway

This one a good-ol body swap story. It’s a refreshing twist from the ones we’re used to because it involves a male model and female model who switch places. It’s just a bonus that Jiyeon from T-ara plays the female lead.

Madame Antoine

Basically, Han Ye Seul’s character plays a famous fortune teller and Sung Joon’s lead is sent to her to dismiss prove she’s a fake. As any boy-meets-girl situation, things start to spark between the two.

Be Arrogant

Starring Girl’s Day, Yura, ‘Be Arrogant’ is your typical love triangle story. Super cute, with a charming sense of humor, get the girls together on this one.

Goodbye Mr. Black

A suspenseful, romance about a Navy Seal who is framed as a traitor and must get into a make marriage to hide himself. Through the show, Lee Jin Wook’s character ends up falling for his once, “business” only, wife.

Noble, My Love

Jerk CEO, runs into a little trouble and ends up finding “love” in an unexpected turn of events. Sung Hoon and Kim Jae Kyung play off of each other well, with great on screen chemistry.

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