News channels reveal more of Yoo In Suk and Seungri's controversial actions

Jun Ko, March 15, 2019, 10:55 a.m.

On the March 15th episode of SBS' '8 o'clock News', Yoo In Suk (CEO of 'Yuri Holding') was revealed to have played a big role in the controversial Kakaotalk chatroom. He held the role of being the problem-solver as he handled the matters when the members of the chatroom ran into trouble with the law. 

With the release of his role as 'problem-solver', it is speculated that Yoo had helped Jonghyun cover up his DUI back in 2016. But on top of his role of 'problem-solver', he is alleged to have given multiple instructions to "prepare women" for a 2015 Christmas party: "We're the ones who'll recreate the movie 'The Great Gatsby'. Let's call all the girls we know that day. Make it to the point that there aren't any girls left in the clubs." 

In response, Yoo had stated that the chatroom contents had been exaggerated as "my younger friends wanted to show off. It's not true." However, the truth remains to be determined as he told a different story when he confessed to have contacted a police superintendent during his interrogations on March 14th. 

It wasn't just Yoo that made the news, in regards to the controversy. Seungri had also made the news on the grounds of allegedly providing escorts for executives. 

On March 15th, Channel A's 'News A' revealed that Seungri had allegedly provided prostitutes to the higher-ups of a Japanese construction company when they arrived at the club 'Burning Sun'. He had also provided while overseas in Japan. There exists several photos of him and the executives on SNS, but Seungri denied the claims, stating to the police that they were just friends and that he wasn't involved in prostitution. 

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