'Music Bank' Talks About Concerns Regarding IZ*ONE's Possible Appearance, Miyawaki Sakura in Tears

Jay Yim, Feb. 20, 2020, 10:33 a.m.

Music Bank has responded to the concerns about IZ*ONE possibly making an appearance on the show.

IZ*ONE's comeback was in question after the vote manipulation controversy surrounding Produce 48 and the Produce series had came to a close. However, the group made their return recently with Fiesta and their album BLOOM*IZ. Despite the comeback, some netizens are protesting against the group's promotion on music shows, starting a formal petition on KBS' official viewer rights and requests center.

The producer of Music Bank, Kwon, spoke up about the issue, and said:

"If it's a case that's causing problems for society or breaking the law, KBS will regulate who appears on broadcast according to a process. However, IZ*ONE are not included on KBS's list of banned people. They are not on the ban list, and this means they should at least be considered as part of the potential performer lineup for 'Music Bank'. Whether they appear depends on factors like their rank on the 'Music Bank' charts at the time of their promotions and the response of domestic and international K-pop fans.

We discussed the issue internally for a while. We're well-aware of the concerns expressed by people who feel uncomfortable watching IZ*ONE promote. Since there's no proof that the individual IZ*ONE members were connected to the manipulation controversy, we judged it would be excessive to deny people who have worked so hard for their new song the opportunity to perform it even once."

In other IZ*ONE news, Miyawaki Sakura made her return as the DJ of her very own Bay FM radio broadcast called Tonight, Under the Cherry Blossom Tree, according to Japanese media outlet reports on February 20.

On the broadcast, Miyawaki greeted her listeners, announcing her return, saying, "Were you all well while I was away? Since last November, I was not able to promote as IZ*ONE, and so I could not continue my radio broadcast." She then thanked her fellow AKB48 members for filling in for her.

Miyawaki then continued talking to her listeners, which at one point she as heard holding back her tears. The idol said the following during her broadcast:

"When I was feeling lonely and downcast, I listened to this broadcast and heard your encouraging messages. They gave me strength. I'm in my 9th year promoting as an idol after my debut, and this was the first time in those 9 years where I was banned from performing and promoting for a period of 3 months. It was a time for me to sit and think, 'What is an idol? What is the stage?', and I realized that the fans make it all possible. It was also a time for me to grow a little more as a person.

For me, I think of the career of an idol as a career where I bring other people smiles and happiness, and for the past 3 months, I wasn't able to that; I worried that WIZ*ONE may be feeling said because of it. But all of IZ*ONE definitely felt that you all were waiting for us to return. When we made our comeback this time around, we were able to realize again how much you support us, and we are very thankful."

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