Meet Taylor Tak: Plus Size Model Breaking Asian Beauty Standards

Jay Lee, June 12, 2019, 4:37 p.m.

Taylor Tak, also known as Taylor T, is a South Korean plus size model, modeling for magazines such as Cosmopolitan Korea and Queen Size Magazine.

She has also modeled for well known clothing brands such as Hotping, Fashion Nova, Curvy Sense, Romwe, and SheIn

Tak's modeling career began when she was noticed by a photographer in London. She recalls her thoughts at that time, Ew, what do you mean? I’m too fat and short — I couldn’t.”

One year later, Taylor, being a size 14, has now become an activist for body positivity and size inclusivity in South Korea.

“I want us plus-size women in Korea to rise up and dare to say it — dare to say that we accept ourselves,” Tak said in an interview with Mic.

Curves in this country are seen as too “sexy” or represent an “unhealthy lifestyle,” Tak said in an interview with Curvy Sense.

Tak recalls the instance when she had to run against the clock in order to prove that she was fit enough to work at a Subway restuarant. At ten years old, Tak was attending "diet schools" where she was restricted to less than a 1,000 calories a day for months. She also admitted trying diet pills, considering liposuction, and photoshopping her images.

South Koreans are known to be very blunt about weight Tak says. 

“It’s not about curves like boobs or butts. It’s just about being thin. It’s not even just young girls or young men,” Tak said. “It’s middle-aged men and women, old people — grandmas and grandpas. They’re all watching their waistlines.”

Tak used to work in foregin affairs during the day but quit earlier this day according to NextShark. Even at this job she was criticized by higher-ranking workers that asked her if she was ever going to get married with her body size.

“I want to inspire women and let them know that they are not alone,” Tak continued. “I want them to know that you don’t have to hide anymore and you don’t have to feel like you are the worst.”

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