Mattel shares teasers of their upcoming BTS doll collection

Jun Ko, March 21, 2019, 11:23 a.m.

American toy manufacturing company Mattel have been steadily releasing teasers of their upcoming collection of BTS dolls! They released their first teaser photo of the dolls on March 18th through their official Twitter and have been releasing a teaser everyday since. 

The first teaser was released on March 18th; the teaser consisted of the silhouettes of the BTS doll with the caption, "No more dreaming. Something big's coming." 

On March 19th, Mattel released a close-up shot of a dimple from one of the dolls with the caption, "You can call him an artist, you can call him an idol..." With the dimple close-up shot and the lyrics, it's obvious to fans that the identity of the doll was RM! 

Following the previous teaser, Mattel continued with 'IDOL' with their March 20th teaser as it showed a snapshot of the outfits used for the mentioned track.

On March 21st, they released another outfit teaser photo for the dolls! This time, it featured the outfit used for their previous title track 'DNA'!

The BTS doll collection from Mattel is currently scheduled to be released within September.  

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