Ladies' Code's Ashley talks about her close idol friends!

Grace Kim, July 12, 2018, 11:17 a.m.

Ladies' Code's Ashley recently interviewed with 'International bnt' for her upcoming solo debut with 'Here We Are'. She also talked about her close friendship with idols Black Pink's Rose and KARD's B.M. She said, "I think we have a connection since we all came from abroad. I went to a church when I first came to Korea and the friend that was sitting next to me was Rose. We started chatting and ended up going to a cafe (to chat more) because we connected so well."

Ashley was also asked about her thoughts on how BTOB's Changsub named her as his ideal type. She responded, "He was probably joking. I saw the news too and I'm thankful that he mentioned me." She added, "He's a friend that I've spent my trainee days with. We just ask how each other is doing time to time now."

We can't wait for her solo debut!

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