Korean Rapper 'Kingchi Mane' To Be Removed from 'Show Me the Money 8' Footage After Confirmed Guilt of Derogatory Chatroom

BanSeok Shin, Aug. 12, 2019, 5:46 p.m.

Korean rapper Kingchi Mane has found himself in a chatroom controversy of his own after it was revealed that he had been a part of a chatroom that talked about women in a derogatory manner. It's been recently revealed that the rapper had been part of a chatroom titled "Mad Max Room" which had 11 members, including Kingchi Mane. It was also revealed that many of the woman who were talked about were classmates and friends of Kingchi Mane during his time at Hanguk University. 

Kingchi Mane released a statement admitting to being a part of the chatroom and apology to all the victims, saying that he would reflect on his actions. He also state that the chatroom occurred in 2017, before he started his career as an artist. After the news of his involvement in the chatroom, 'Show Me the Money 8' stated that the show would do what it could to remove parts showing Kingchi Mane.

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