Jessi names teamwork as a big factor of BTS' success

Jun Ko, July 12, 2018, 11:02 a.m.

Jessi went live on Instagram! On July 10th, she popped onto Instagram in order to chat with her fans! During the live broadcast, she applauded BTS for their global success. She named teamwork as one of the biggest factors to their success: "I feel like they're doing well even so because not only are they good and stuff, but they actually have a great teamwork. Because I've actually seen it and I witnessed it. And I was like.. You know I see idols and like.. groups just like not liking each other and shit. Because obviously when you're with people for too long, you end up getting on each other's nerves." But it seems like BTS works well even with fights and arguments as Jessi continued on to say how BTS has a really genuine friendship with each other. 

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