Japan's 'Produce 101' Denies Connections with CJ ENM While South Korea's Program Cancels VOD Service

Jay Yim, Nov. 18, 2019, 10:59 a.m.

Japan's 'Produce 101' has recently come out to clarifiy that they have no connections whatsoever to the Korean version of the program.

They shared via their official site that Japan's program was organized separately from the Korean 'Produce 101' series, and that the Japanese program has no connections to CJ ENM and its staff. They also clarified that the Japanese program had no part in vote manipulating, and were working diligently to prevent the rigging of any sort.

Meanwhile, South Korea's 'Produce 101', Mnet, has officially cancelled the VOD services for all four seasons of the program, which includes seasons one and two as well as 'Produce 48' and 'Produce X 101'. This means that fans will no longer be able to rewatch the episodes, neither on Mnet or TVING. 

“We are currently suspending the entire VOD service of ‘Produce 101’ series from all platforms. The decision was made based on the public opinion of the suspension of the replay service,” Mnet said on a TV report.

This comes amid suspicions from police that all 'Produce 101' seasons were suspects of vote rigging. With ongoing investigations, Mnet told fans that future promotions of X1 and IZ*ONE have been postponed and halted until further notice. IZ*ONE of 'Produce 48' was supposed to make their comeback this month, but due to the current investigation, their comeback was postponed, while X1 of 'Produce X 101' has temporarily halted all activities.

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