iKon's 'Love Scenario' being banned in schools?!

Grace Kim, July 12, 2018, 10:39 a.m.

iKon's hit song 'Love Scenario' has been going viral among children in South Korea. 'Love Scenario' achieved an all-kill on the South Korean music charts and is one of the group's biggest hit so far! Kids have been loving the sweet melody and even Yang Hyun Suk shared a video of the 'Love Scenario Syndrome' with the caption, "WHAT'S GOING ON?"
Even though kids are loving the sweet song, many mothers have been posting their concerns on mother cafes about the 'Love Scenario Syndrome'. Not only that but several teachers in South Korea have been banning the song being played in classrooms as some report the lyrics and story behind it are inappropriate.
Lee Min Sook, a music director who is in charge of a Korean kids program in Korea responded, "Except for the rap part, the speed is similar to a children's song and the scale is also quite simple. There are not many difficult wordings in the lyrics and the melody constantly repeats so it's easy to sing along and also play around with it by changing up the words." 

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