HyunA Talks About A Time She Tried to Be Sexy Without Showing Much Skin

Alice Lee, May 19, 2017, 3:05 p.m.

HyunA sat down with ‘Biz Enter’ for an interview where she discussed on how people reacted when she tried to be sexy without showing too much skin. She commented that not many people understood why she was dressed so “hot.” She further explained that during her promotions for ‘Volume Up,’ she decided to go for a female warrior concept and donned a long sleeve top, pants, and a skirt that went over those. However, HyunA understood that not many people can have the same perspectives, therefore, she kept an open and generous mind so that she can accept different opinions. HyunA also stated that she felt that wanting to change perspectives and trying to prove that she can still be sexy without have to reveal so much skin was like starting a fight with the public. HyunA is beautiful as person and just in general. You go girl! Check out the video for "Volume Up" below! 

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