Happy Birthday to EXO's D.O

Jun Ko, Jan. 11, 2019, 10:28 a.m.

Happy Birthday to EXO's D.O! With the day being January 12 in Korea, he has now turned 27 (Korean age, 26 in American age)! To celebrate the occasion, fans have worldwide trended several birthday hashtags for him! Currently, there exists at least five birthday hashtags; 3 of them are in English: '#PrinceKyungSooDay', '#HappyDODay', '#HappyKyungSooDay' while 2 of them are in Korean: #경수야생일축하해 (translated to #KyungSooHappyBirthday) and #1월의기적_도경수 (translated to #JanuaryMiracle_DoKyungSoo). 

Remember to give your support to D.O by sending him happy birthday wishes! If you haven't already, also remember to show your support by catching his latest film 'Swing Kids' and catching EXO's latest track 'Love Shot'!

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