Ham So Won, Jin Hua’s, and Mother-In-Law Receive Criticisms After Quarrel

BanSeok Shin, July 16, 2019, 5:20 p.m.

Ham So Won and Jin Hua are receiving criticism from fans after Ham So Won and her mother-in-law quarreled on the TV Chosun program, ‘Wife’s Taste'. During a recent broadcast of the program which is following the at home lives of the celebrity couple, So Won and her mother-in-law got into a verbal disagreement which was caught on camera. Jin Hua’s mother had put an outfit on the couple’s child, which revealed the baby’s bottom, and which did not include a diaper. Apparently, the outfit is popular in China, but So Won was obviously not happy about her child wearing such an outfit which lead to arguing.

Many of the show’s viewers criticized So Won for being rude towards her mother-in-law regardless of the circumstances. Others defended her saying that she has the right to decide what her baby wears and that the mother-in-law went too far in allowing the baby to wear such an outfit without the mother’s approval. Others have criticized Jin Hua for not trying to mediate the situation. Considering the cultural and age differences, what’s your opinion on the situation?
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