Guan Xiaotong's mother opposes a marriage between her daughter and Luhan

Jessica Lee, Dec. 7, 2017, 3:48 p.m.

Many fans were shocked when Luhan (27) suddenly announced that he was dating Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong. Though fans were supportive of the coupling, apparently Guan Xiaotong's mother disapproves of the relationship as there are currently rumors that the couple might be getting married. 

The Chinese media outlet Toutiao has reported that the couple are having a difficult time trying to get married because the actress' mother has 3 requirements for her future son-in-law and Luhan doesn't meet the last 2 requirements. 1) He must be a responsible man, 2) he must not have had cosmetic surgery, and 3) he cannot be feminine. 

It's never been confirmed whether Luhan had had cosmetic surgery and Luhan is known for a "flower boy" image which is an image that isn't necessarily associated with masculinity. 

Perhaps the most important reason why Guan Xiaotong's mother doesn't want her daughter to get married is that the Chinese actress is too young. She's only 20 years old and her mother would like her to be at 28 when she gets married. Many netizens actually don't believe the couple will be getting married because of the actress' younger age. 

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