Former Crayon Pop Member BJ Ellin Offers Apology after Admitting to 1 Billion KRW 'Romance Scam'

Jay Yim, Nov. 8, 2019, 11:27 a.m.

Former Crayon Pop member and current 'Afreeca TV' BJ (Broadcast Jockey) Ellin admitted and apologized for her previous 'romance scam' accusations, in which she gained approximately 1 billion KRW (about 860,000 USD).

Ellin has previously denied all accussations on November 2, and chose to continue with her live broadcasts.

However, she broadcasted her apology and confession, stating, "The victim 'A' gave me a month's time for a chance to apologize, but I stubbornly did not. I wanted to continue my broadcast activities, and so I responded with hasty lies. I'm sorry."

She further added her regret for being selfish. "I am truly sorry for worsening the entire situation due to my selfishness. I apologized to 'A' in person, and 'A' gratefully accepted my apologize. We came to terms to refrain from creating any more situations which could damage either side," Ellin said.

There were claims surfacing that Ellin had been in a relationship while being involved in the romance scam, but Ellin refuted the claims. "It's not true that I had a boyfriend at the time. I broke up with an ex-boyfriend before I began my BJ promotions. I know that due to my previous mistakes, my attempt to speak the truth now can also fall under suspicion. But this part is entirely true," she revealed.

All this occured approximately a week ago, in which, as previously stated, BJ Ellin scammed viewer 'A' a total worth of approximately 1 billion KRW (~ 860,000 USD) in the form of 'balloon' gifts via Afreeca TV. In addition, she received luxurious gifts such as jewelry, shoes, bags, and even fees for a new apartment.

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