FNC Entertainment confirms Jonghyun's involvement with the controversial Kakaotalk chatroom

Jun Ko, March 15, 2019, 10:37 a.m.

Fans have demanded Jonghyun's retirement from the group upon the release of FNC Entertainment's updated announcement about Jonghyun's involvement with Jung Joon Young's Kakaotalk chatroom. 

On March 15th, the label had confirmed Jonghyun's involvement with the controversial chatroom: "Back on the evening of March 12th, we announced that Lee Jonghyun held 'no relation to the ongoing scandal' and that he was only 'acquianted with the involved individual'. 

Before the release of our March 12th announcement, Jonghyun had undergone police interrogation on the afternoon of March 12th. No evidence of the illegal hidden camera footage or inappropriate remarks were found from the interrogation. With no evidence having been found, the company had no choice but to deliver the announcement of Jonghyun's lack of involvement as it was shared that it had been four to five years since he left the chatroom. We held no intention to hide the truth or cover his past mistakes. 

We were able to contact Jonghyun after SBS' news report on March 14th. He had admitted that his actions of viewing the footage in the Kakaotalk messages and making inappropriate and degrading comments about women were deserving of condemnation and is currently reflecting on his actions deeply. 

He shared that if he held a proper perspective of gender rights at the time, he would not have engaged in such behavior. He made an apology to all those who were disappointed and hurt by his immoral actions, which were made without the realization that he was committing a crime.

Jonghyun is currently reflecting upon receiving the public's criticism and anger of his immoral attitude and his lacking decency towards women."

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