Fans of each other: DAY6 and SHINee's Key

Jun Ko, Dec. 7, 2017, 3:17 p.m.

DAY6 still remain starstruck at the arrival of SHINee's Key to one of their past performances. Young K of DAY6 especially seems to be thrilled by the visit as he stated, "I really liked SHINee sunbaenims ever since I was little and Key sunbaenim came to see us, saying he was a huge fan of our music." Young K was also the one who mentioned the arrival of the SHINee member in a recent interview. He continues with, "According to an onlooker, he (Key) kept on singing along to our music. We were so amazed by the reaction." 

Hopefully they'll be able to get closer to each other as they are a fan of each other's work! 

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