Eric Nam's "Trivago" CF has the ability to make babies stop crying

Jessica Lee, Dec. 7, 2017, 11:02 a.m.

Eric Nam recorded a CF for "Trivago", a hotel and lodging search site, last year and the ad, hilariously, is now being more known as "the ad that makes babies stop crying". Mothers have been posting online about all the times the ad has played and has made their infant stop crying to intensely focus on the ad. 

A mother posted this comment: "Trivago CF, love you. Eric Nam hyung-ah, love you. When he sees Eric Nam or Jang Yoon Jung on TV, he goes crazy kekekeke. He comes crawling even when he hears Eric Nam's voice. After he turns one years old, we'll have to take him to an Eric Nam concert."

Another mother posted, "I was taking a photo of him watching TV and ended up blocking the screen, so he kept moving around until he could see the screen again kekekeke. The CF that he loves is the #Trivago CF."

"Need to buy an Eric Nam for this house~ #Loveyou #EricNam #Trivago #Nolie #SheWatchedThis100Times #AvidFan"

One mother listened to Eric Nam a lot when she was pregnant that the baby "loves Eric Nam more than his own dad."

"Whenever Eric Nam oppa's CF comes on, our princess can't take her eyes off of him. Do you love Eric Nam oppa that much? Or is he an uncle? Please watch TV from a safe distance~"

This 6-month-old baby "watches Eric Nam on his knees. #stayslikethat #untiltheadends."

A baby who refuses to look at camera for photos, "open his mouth when he watches TV for his favorite Eric Nam 'Trivago' CF kekeke."

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