CL talks about preparing for her US debut

Jessica Lee, Feb. 16, 2018, 3:13 p.m.

CL sat down with Xports News for an exclusive interview about her progress in the United States. CL is currently residing in Los Angeles and is busy preparing her American debut album. In the interview, CL talked about the many challenges she faces. 

"I wanted to give myself a new challenge. It didn't matter if I succeeded. I just wanted to make a new path for K-pop in the Western market. I'm constantly flying back and forth between Korea and LA and I'm always working on music production. I'm trying hard to communicate constantly with producers and music affiliates to create something that is most CL-like. I'm trying to do everything according to the American system but still put CL's color on it. It feels like I'm a trainee again. Everything is so different here. I'm learning a lot."

CL then talked about collaborations, "Fun productions become possible when I develop relationships with various pop stars. Nothing has been confirmed yet but I'm planning it out in varying ways. Refreshing and creative collaborations are always exciting. I'm currently preparing songs with talented, famous producers in the US. I think they perceived my passion for music in a positive way. It's great because we became each other's inspiration."

CL then talked about working without 2NE1 members. She said, "It's really overwhelming now that I'm with 2NE1 and that I'm on my own. I get lonely because of that and then there's this pressure to do better but in a different way. But also, I feel a little bit more accomplished after achieving my goals. We can no longer be together but I hope everyone is healthy and amazing as they promote on their own. I'm always cheering for them."

Finally, she talked about her goals for 2018. She said, "One of the goals I want to achieve this year is to finally promote in the US. I want to repay the love to the fans that have always waited and encouraged me. I'll be busy in Korea and the US for 2018 so please look forward to it."

Fans will soon see CL perform at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. 

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