BTS gains the support and admiration from netizens for all their hard work

Jun Ko, Dec. 7, 2017, 11:40 a.m.

With all the hard work that BTS puts in their performances, they have gained support from all those who watch. There have been a circulation of photos and videos of the group heavily exhausted after their 20-minute long performance in 'MAMA 2017' in Hong Kong, which brought on the attention of fans and netizens. They have performed 'DNA', 'Mic Drop' Steve Aoki Remix, 'Not Today', 'Cypher Pt. 4', and more. Given the choreography of the dances and their characteristic of giving their all in every single dance, they ended up with intense exhaustion after their long performance. 

With all the effort and hard work they put into their performance to ensure the fans get a good show, it has brought on admiration from netizens. Non-fans of BTS have also shown their support for the group with how they have greatly succeeded overseas. A few of the comments about them reads, "I now understand why they're so popular in America. They were dancing really hard, almost to the point where their bones seemed like they'll break. No wonder they're so tired", "Their performance was truly the best", "If you want to know why BTS is so popular, just go watch their performances on Youtube. That's how I turned into a fan", "Idols like them deserve awards", and "They really deserve it." 

BTS before the performance 

BTS after the performance 

Many of the fans also expressed concern over the members at the sight of their exhaustion, expressing wishes that they get a good amount of rest soon. Here's hoping they'll get their well-deserved rest soon! Congrats to BTS for their hard work! 

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