BTS' 'Burn The Stage' confirmed to air on Youtube Red!

Jun Ko, March 14, 2018, 10:09 a.m.

Big Hit Entertainment just confirmed BTS' 'Burn The Stage' to be aired on Youtube Red! 'Burn The Stage' is an eight episode documentary of the hardship and growth BTS faced throughout their career. The documentary focuses heavily on their time during '2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III - The Wings Tour', following the group for the course of 300 days. The first episode of 'Burn The Stage' will be available for all fans to watch on Youtube on March 28th at 12AM KST, but the following episodes will only be available for Youtube Red users. While only the first episode can be viewed, the first and second episode will both be released on March 28th. The rest of the episodes will be released weekly, the final episode being released on May 9th at 12AM KST. 

With 'Burn The Stage' releasing soon, Youtube will be giving out a special code for BTS fans to use to view the documentary. Youtube Red typically allows for an one-month free trial, but with the documentary running the course of about two months, it means that fans cannot view the entire documentary. To remedy this, the platform will be having a special promotion of a two-month free trial so that BTS fans are able to view the entire documentary. In order to partake in the special promotion, there will be a special code given out to be used within March 14th and April 14th in order to get the two-month free trial. 

Are you excited for BTS' 'Burn The Stage'? Check out the trailer for the documentary below!

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