Big Bang's Seungri went live on Instagram with WINNER's Song Minho!

Jun Ko, July 11, 2018, 4:06 p.m.

On July 11th, Big Bang's Seungri gave fans a small surprise! He had a surprise live broadcast on Instagram where he showed off the YG practice room; fans were given a small look at the YG crew practicing for Seungri's upcoming solo album 'the Great Seungri'. Not only were fans able to get a small look into the practice for the album, but were also able to see WINNER's Song Minho (who was featured in the title track '1,2,3!'). 

Seungri teased Minho by asking, "Minho, did you feature (in my new album) when you actually didn't want to?"; Minho responded back by saying, "Hyung, what are you saying? Don't create rumors." The good chemistry was shown between the two when Seungri continued teasing Minho by offering a light-hearted apology on forcing him to feautre in the album, to which Minho responded that it was an honor to feature in his album. 

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