Amber Liu apologizes after receiving strong backlash for comment made in YouTube video!

Rachel Kim , Nov. 18, 2019, 11:05 a.m.

On November 17, Amber Liu took to Twitter to apologize for the comment she made on YouTube video on the JustKiddingNews channel. The Youtubers including guest appearance, Amber saw a clip and commented about it. The video reviewed was of a man eating a sandwich on the BART train and police officers attempting to arrest him.

Amber Liu commented on the video with,  “He deserved it, I think he just deserved it because he’s being super disrespectful, and you don’t have to act like that toward a police officer. A police officer is still a police officer. You should still show some type of respect. Know your rights, but show some type of respect.”

The singer then immediately received a lot of backlash for the remark. Amber Liu did come forward with an apology for her "ignorant" statement. Additionally, the video clip she commented on is provided below! 

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