2NE1 celebrates their 10th anniversary with handwritten messages

Jun Ko, May 16, 2019, 11:29 a.m.

On May 17th KST, 2NE1 celebrated their 10th anniversary with handwritten messages for their fans! Despite the group having disbanded back in 2016, they still remain as a group of close friends and a beloved group to their fans! It definitely was a special moment for their fans to see them celebrating their anniversary! 

CL: "BLACKJACK!! You guyz are the best fans on Earth!!! I feel blessed to have you by my side for 10 years! Thank you always. I love you fourever." 

Park Bom: "Happy 10th Year Anniversary!!! This is Bom~ I miss ya'll~ Always luv for 2NE1. Thanx for your love and support." 

Minzy: "Happy 10th Year Anniversary!"

Dara: "Happy 10th Year Anniversary~!!! 2NE1 & BLACKJACKS."

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